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Brexit and Mental Health

Brexit and Mental Health

Unless you have been living in a cave the biggest story of the past couple of years is the UK leaving the EU or what is commonly known as Brexit. The constant media focus has had a negative effect on many people’s mental health. Now this should be no surprise the lack of clarity for most of us is uncomfortable and can lead to mental distress.

However, this uncertainty is being stoked up by both sides of the debate to further their own ends. Worse still, is that the news outlets which are meant to give the public an unbiased reporting of the facts, are doing anything but. Often their reports do nothing more than stoke the uncertainty and cause more distress.

For the sake of the mental health of the nation, we need to take a step back. Whatever the point of view, we must recognise that how we are handling this discussion is unhealthy and causing genuine distress. I say this because this will not end with the conclusion of Brexit, but continue for years for those who have been damaged by it. Please, the time has come for fact based reporting on this, and if the facts are not known, just say that. This is a moral imperative which will help us to transfer into the future.

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