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Breaking Chains

Breaking Chains

Chains are what tie us down, hold us back, keep us connected to past habits. They can be seen as self-limiting beliefs.

Here are some examples of chains:

  • I have to support my mother
  • I don’t deserve a good job
  • I fear failure
  • I can’t stop thinking about whether my ex might take me back so I keep emailing and popping round, just in case

Here are some ways to break chains:

  1. Ask yourself what a loved one would say about your chain. Eg. would your mother agree that you should hold yourself back to support her?
  2. Use affirmations to counteract the chain. Eg. Say out loud 10 times each morning and 10 times at night “I deserve a good job”
  3. Talk to yourself in the mirror. Eg. Discuss with your reflection the chance of failing and the implications if you did. Look at best and worse case scenarios.
  4. Use the Viking principle: ie burn your boats. Eg. Decide to cut off all connection. No more emails or calls. If he wants you he knows where you are.



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