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Brad Pitt Discusses Therapy

Brad Pitt Discusses Therapy

It seems that the discussion of therapy and counselling is becoming more and more the done thing. As I have said in my previous postings, that this is one of the most important things a person of celebrity can do to help normalise the idea of therapy and the discussion of mental health.

You don’t get a much bigger name than Brad Pitt, who’s highly publicised divorce was the reason he had gone into therapy. There were many positive things that came from this situation. First is that he is really a fan of his therapy. This therapy has helped him to give up drinking and smoking cannabis. A very interesting thing is that he is able to move from the divorce and see that it was a catalyst for his change.

As a psychotherapist, it is very impressive that a person can reframe a very unfortunate situation and being able to draw strength from it. I believe that his candour can be very useful to other sufferers from the stresses and strains which lead to the misuse of both alcohol and drugs. Mr Pitt should be commended for his bravery to discuss his battle with his demons and how therapy has helped him to get through.

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