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Bogus Awards and Hypnotherapy

Bogus Awards and Hypnotherapy

I am a great believer that people of note should be recognised as such. Practitioners who go above and beyond in their clinical, academic research, or teaching roles should be recognised and be seen as examples to other practitioners as what they can aspire to. Many professional bodies give these awards on the basis of merit. These are not the awards I am referring to.

There is an industry of award providers, they often have grandiose names like “Who’s Who in this that or the other” They will often cold email you to tell you that you have been nominated for an award like “Person of the Year” or “Therapist of the Decade”. All that is required by you is to provide a CV and a fee for the award.

I can appreciate how this might appeal to some newer practitioners who are looking for a needed leg up in their careers. I can even understand it from the perspective of a more seasoned practitioner being perhaps a bit jaded as he or she did not get the recognition they felt was their due. That being said, it is still a bad idea. These awards are designed to mislead the public far more than to inflate the ego of the recipient. Rather than buying bogus recognition, just keep doing what you do best. In the fullness of time it will be recognised, if by no one else, your clients.

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