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Body Confidence

Body Confidence

One of the more common issues I see in my practice in both men and women is a lack of body confidence. Society and the media seem to take great sport in making people feel bad about the way they look. Let’s be honest there is no such thing as the perfect body. Back before photoshop people were seen with all their imperfections and indeed the few extra pounds and scars help go define who a person is.

As I sit at this resort in Malta those rules seem not to be valid. People of all shapes and sizes are walking around the pool. Whilst of course there are those who would probably considered to have the body beautiful there are far more who do not. These people interact together there is no judgement just people trying to get some sun and enjoying themselves.

There is a lesson here, when folk tend to have less clothing to conceal themselves they seem more free to be themselves. Now I am not saying the world should embrace wearing Speedos and bikinis on a daily basis, but maybe folk should remember that beneath it all we are all equal and perhaps we should treat ourselves as such.

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