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Body Clock and Mood

Body Clock and Mood

There has been study recently in the Lancet which links alterations to an individual’s body clock and mood disorders. This is something I have talked a lot with my clients who suffer with sleep issues. When we lack sleep, our emotional state suffers which can lead to a deterioration of mood. One of the issues that was not mentioned, but is believed to have an impact of this is the use of mobile phones. We are not made for constant stimulation late into the evening. So looking at your phone for either emails or social media can have a negative impact on our body clock.

When I am working with clients with sleep issues one of the practical suggestions that I give to people is that they treat themselves much like a child. By which I mean having a bedtime which is a constant. When we get used to having a time to wake and a time to sleep we develop healthy behaviours which can get our body clocks into alignment which can elevate our mood.

Additional suggestions include being more aware of natural rhythm and to act appropriately when becoming aware of when we are out of our natural rhythm. Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy can really help in retraining your thinking to get into alignment with good behaviours that positively effects the body clock.

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