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Belief Perhaps the Key to Success

Belief Perhaps the Key to Success

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you cannot have failed to hear about the success of Leicester City we in the Premiership of English Football. Today the media outlets have been flooding our screens and pages with coverage of this Cinderella story come true. Therefore, I would be remiss if I did not add my two penneth worth by looking at this from a personal development perspective.

Foortball fans will know, and I do not count myself as one of them, that Leicester was at the bottom of the league last year struggling to stay up. Fast forward one year and they are now the champions. Good luck? Well perhaps a little. Perseverance? Of course, as well as the taking advantages of the opportunities presented? Belief? Absolutely!

In order to succeed, we need to adopt all of the above attributes, but the most important is the belief in your ability to achieve what you are endeavouring to achieve. Belief alone is not enough, but without it, success is neigh on impossible. So in the glow of the greatest sporting stories of the recent age, I ask you to look at your personal beliefs about your ability to succeed, and make your own miracle story.

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