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Be Present There is Nowhere Else To Be

Be Present There is Nowhere Else To Be

So much of my time in therapeutic sessions, be they hypnotherapy or psychotherapy sessions, is spent on dealing with clients who want to live in the past or are worrying about the future. The reality, there is nothing that any of us can do about either of these times. The past is just that, past and the future has yet to be written. The only thing people have any real control over is what is happening right now, in the here and now.

Fritz Perle, the famous Gestalt Psychotherapist, had stated that any time a person tries to go into the past or future it is a sign of resistance in the client. Now, I would not go that far, but I would say that sometimes is is far easier to “deal” with things that one really cannot control. By doing that, a person avoids having to deal with the reality of what is happening right now.

I spend a good deal of time with clients, attempting to get them to focus on the here and now and by doing so, helping them to assert control over the direction that their lives are taking. It doesn’t always work, but I highly recommend that we all focus on the now and let, tomorrow take care of itself.

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