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Be Mindful of Therapist Claims

Be Mindful of Therapist Claims

We are very fortunate here in the UK that most therapists are honourable and professional practitioners who a honest about their credentials and training. However, in the past several months, I have been getting questions from enquirers about the qualifications of other practitioners. Now, this is not intended to criticise any one particular practitioner, but there are some claims that I urge you to look into before booking with a therapist.

The first is claims that a practitioner’s qualifications are validated or recognised by the Department of Health. The Department of Health does not recognise any qualifications awarded in hypnotherapy, however, if the practitioner is registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council are on a register which is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority, which The Department of Health has recommended that where people are looking for complementary healthcare therapists they use someone who is CNHC registered. This is not the same thing as recognition of qualifications. This might sound a small thing to some, but it is a very important distinction.

Second is that they studied at This University or That University. Many training schools rent rooms at universities some at prestigious ones. The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, which I am Principal, use rooms at Trinity College, Oxford we are very clear with our students that our qualifications are not affiliated to Oxford University in any way. (We are recognised for credits at the Open University and Bath Spa University however). Some practitioners do not acknowledge that their training is actually from a private body, but rather spin their qualifications as being from the university where the physically attended the course. This is a practice that is becoming more and more prevalent, which could just as easily be the responsibility of the trainer as the graduate.

Finally, the use of the term “Award Winning” practitioner. Yes there are some practitioners who have been given awards for their therapeutic work via professional and accrediting bodies. These are not the same as awards given for various business practices (ie Business Woman of the Year, is different from Researcher of the Year from a professional body). Both awards are valid, but have different weight in the eyes of the public.

Please make sure you ask your potential practitioner if any of these three things cause you concern.

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