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Be Mindful of the Use of The Word Addiction

Be Mindful of the Use of The Word Addiction

I am noticing more and more articles in the popular press which talk about celebrities as well as regular folk overcoming their addictions to cigarettes, food, and even Diet Coke. The problem here is that these three things are not additions. All too often we use the word addiction sloppily. Yes, these are things that people can develop an unhealthy behaviour towards. However, this does not make them addictive.

We often want to make the issues we have seem more legitimate by using phrases which make us feel better. “I can’t possibly stop eating fast food, I am addicted”. Believe me, I have worked with addicts who suffer with things like heroine addiction and I assure you that if they could trade, they would choose food over heroine.

Look we all have things that we are tempted to abuse and use inappropriately. This is something that hypnotherapy can help with. Predominantly to understand what caused the behaviour and resolve that. Often times negative behaviours are just a symptom of a greater problem. Don’t disempower yourself by using language sloppily. If you want to make changes hypnotherapy is a good way to start.

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