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Be Mindful of Studies

Be Mindful of Studies

I don’t know if you have noticed, but there seems to be more and more companies from hypnotherapists to make up companies which are quoting as part of their marketing statistics. 81% of people stop smoking with hypnosis or some such figure. Now, of course, these figures do sound quite impressive as in the main they show great success with the treatment offered. However, one needs to ask the question as to how these figures were derived and what were the conditions to which the figures were obtained.

I can and do understand how practitioners want to show that what they do is effective. If for no other reason as to show that hypnosis works. However, to quote figures one must be sure as to how these figures were obtained. Indeed, simply doing a questionnaire is not a way to prove efficacy if the practitioner is the collator and interpreter of the data in question. Research is a complex and laborious process, but when it is done correctly, it can give us insights into things we have yet to consider. If you are going to consult any practitioner who quotes statistics or studies be sure that you satisfy yourself that it comes from legitimate sources rather than being a vanity exercise for the practitioner in question.

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