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Be Mindful of Media Commentating

Be Mindful of Media Commentating

For many years I have been very vocal about the trend where various professional as quoted making comments or offering opinions which fall outside of their scope of expertise. This frustration is now manifesting itself with regards to professionals being asked to comment on issues of the day which may have a therapeutic context or spin.

Cases like Weinstein seem to be a fruitful feeding ground for speculation, intrigue and opinions which are based on half facts or in some cases no facts at all. Yes, where it is appropriate, practitioners should make comment in the media regarding the issues of the day. However, it is not appropriate to wildly speculate or in come cases, even potentially break confidentiality in making comments about certain people and issues.

I can totally understand that practitioners want to get their name out there. Also, there is a usefulness of getting the various professions better known to to public. But a dance with the media can cause more problems than not, and even can cause potential ethical and professional disciplinary charges. It is sadly, not without precedence. If you are a practitioner and you are asked to comment on a matter which you are not directly involved with, please remember that you have a responsibility to your clients, the profession and the public. Choose wisely.

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