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Be Mindful of Claims of Experience

Be Mindful of Claims of Experience

As regular readers of my musings will know, I am a very strong advocate for excellent training for therapists who are providing their services to the public. Good training is the bedrock on which good therapists are built. I have been noticing a number of practitioners recently claiming many decades of experience and this being a reason why you should go to them for treatment or indeed training.

Now, I should emphasise that this post is not meant to criticise any one specifically, but I would like to note that many of these people who claim multiple decades of experience simply cannot prove that to be so. Many, seem to have appeared as the internet has become more and more of the go to place for getting information.

Experience is indeed a very important component for good therapy, and the years of experience a therapist has should be an indicator as to how effective that therapist is. Additionally, the length of time a practitioner has been in practice will also give you an idea as to the breadth of their experience. As someone who has been in practice since 1989, I can say that I have seen many fascinating cases in my time and this has gone to season my clinical work.

Please, do not simply take a practitioner’s word for their length of experience. Always ask for proof of any claim made by the therapists you are seeking to employ. Ethical practitioners will have no issue with your asking for proof, and proof is the only way you can be certain that the therapist you are seeking to engage is being honest with you.

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