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Be Mindful About Self Diagnosis

Be Mindful About Self Diagnosis

“I’m depressed”, “I have OCD”, “I am Bi-Polar”, these are all things I have heard people say both in and outside of my office. The thing is that many of the people making these statements have not gone to the trouble of getting any of this diagnose. Rather they have gone on line and looked up what is happening for them and they have “Self Diagnosed” themselves.

Is it possible that they people have diagnosed themselves accurately? Sure, it is possible. Is it a good thing? NO! Even if you were to say that if they diagnosed themselves that they would be able to take action against their issue, it does not guarantee that they would be taking the best course of action. Nor would it be the case that they were actually suffering in the first place and could actually be doing themselves harm.

Mental health awareness is a good thing. This is especially true if a person gets the help they need. However, with mental health being a more acceptable subject of conversation, it allows for people to make mistakes in their own self care. If you are concerned that you are suffering from a mental health condition, your first port of call is your General Practitioner. After which you might find that a psychotherapist can help you in overcoming whatever issue is causing you difficulty.

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