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Be In The Now

Be In The Now

For those of you who are interested there are only 67 days until Christmas. Frustrating isn’t it, with advertising coming earlier and earlier we begin to think about what we are going to do for Christmas as early as August. Whilst this is not an uncommon thing for children to do, many children will be able to tell you at any point of the year, how long it will be til Christmas or their birthday or when school finishes, etc. However, this is not such a healthy attitude for adults.

One of the most common issues that clients come through my door with are worries about tomorrow or yesterday. They obsess about what will be or what has been and cannot even begin to think about what is happening right now and forget the idea of even enjoying the here and now, as the there and then or the future takes up so much of their thinking and living space.

There are many ways that I attempt to get clients to be in the room with me right now. There are mindfulness techniques or Gestalt techniques which can bring even the most stubborn person into the here and now. I generally tell clients that you cannot change what has been, and the only way to influence tomorrow is to live life the way you want to today. It may sound simplistic, but when a person is in the present their lives really become better and more meaningful.

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