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Barophobia“ Fear of gravity

Barophobia Fear of gravity

Barophobia is outlined as an irrational and overwhelming worry of gravity. There a pair of ways this may manifest: one wherever they worry that they’re going to be crushed by the attraction pull once it becomes too great; and two they worry that gravity can merely disappear and that they can merely float away.

What are the causes?

As with any phobic neurosis, Barophobia could also be caused by a traumatic expertise within the past that’s mechanically related to gravity that has caused the person to expertise anxiety or emotional disturbances. One may need fallen from a reasonable height and have gotten out of action. The cause could even be as trivial as reading it in a book or observation on tv regarding the results of losing gravity or an excessive amount of pull of it. Regardless of the reason, this has caused the person to possess anxiety or irrational reactions once brooding about gravity, therefore touching their existence.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms could vary. Some could be slightly uncomfortable at the thought of gravity. Others can have anxiety or panic attacks and knowledge palpitations, tremors, dry mouth, dizziness, dyspnoea and breathing, muscle tension, feeling cornered or generally feeling out of control.

Behavioural therapies, including hypnotherapy are very useful in helping people with this weighty phobia.

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