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Balance in the Holiday Season

Balance in the Holiday Season

“Let the party season begin”, were the last words out of a friend of mine’s phone conversation with me yesterday. He is a lover of excess, partying, booze, love, he loves his fair share of them all. However, this is not a balanced way to live one’s life and these excesses can prove problematic especially at this time of year.

The holiday season is a time where many throw caution to the wind and part and live hard. Whilst in short doses this is not a bad thing, a month of it is a bit much. These days people need to be cautious of their behaviours especially when it has to do with work colleagues. Christmas parties were in the past an excuse to let that crush you have with one of your colleagues go a little further than usual or to over indulge and speak your mind to those who you may have not done to before.

It is essential that at this time of year a person enjoys themselves, after all that is what the holidays are for. However, one must keep an eye on their own health and wellbeing. A little fun today can cause a great deal of pain and misfortune tomorrow. Enjoy the season but be careful to moderate your actions, it is in both your physical and mental health’s benefit for you to do so.

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