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More Bad News for the Mental Health of Students

More Bad News for the Mental Health of Students

The need for mental health support for students needs a three fold increase according to the Higher Education Policy Institute. Add to this that 1 in 10 students have a diagnosable mental illness only adds to the great strains universities are experiencing in trying to provide help and support for their growing student populations.

This information is not new, there has been an increase in mental health issues with students, in line with the increase of university placements which have occurred over the past two decades. When the opening up of new university places began, there was little to no discussion about the implications for mental health care within the system.

Sadly, this is endemic of the way mental health is seen throughout society, no real preparation, no real idea, and sadly very little empathy for those who suffer. In my own practice, I see more and more university students struggling with genuine mental issues which need addressing. In fact, I am called upon more and more to write letters of dispensation to universities in order for the playing field to be levelled for those who are suffering from anxiety, depression and the myriad of other conditions associated with these issues.

I believe it is necessary for the main stakeholders within the education and mental health professions to get together on this, lest we write off a generation to inadequate mental health provision.

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