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Be Aware of Self Medication

Be Aware of Self Medication

This is the season of parties and merriment. It is a time for spending time with people who you care about and to make the most of the season. This is also the season where self medication can become the norm. With so much reavelry it is hard to notice when people are using things, particularly alcohol as a method of self medication to help them to get through the season as well as life in general.

Self medication is an insidious thing indeed. It creeps up slowly, first the occasional over doing it, which gets written off to some reason or other. Then it becomes more regular, and the justificicaion begins. Finally, the intake may not be overtly high, but it is regular and necessary to get through the day.

Alcohol is such an easy method of self medication because it is legal and acceptable to do. People generally do not interfere with other people’s drinking habits. However, this is exactly what we need to do for the people we care about, intervene show them we care and do everything we can to assist them to get away from the abuse of alcohol. Therapy can be a very good way for people who self medicate to look at the reasons for this medication and find more healthy options to get what is needed without the “medicine”.

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