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Be Aware of Hypnotherapy Training Claims

Be Aware of Hypnotherapy Training Claims

I have been engaged in the training of hypnosis professionals since 1993, and I have seen the business of hypnosis education explode from a handful of schools in the 1990’s to the scores which currently exist at the moment. These schools offer courses which range from 4 year Masters Degree level trainings to quicky weekend courses to distance learning courses.

I have begun to be more and more aware of how some schools are marketing to potential students by promising big earnings whilst in practice. Now, it is true, that a person can earn a good living as a therapist (Hypno or otherwise) but it is not an easy path and requires the student to put in the time and effort to learn not only about therapy, but also to learn about how to run a business effectively.

What I have also noticed is that schools which tend to make the most grandiose claims about themselves as well as the amount of money graduates can make tend to be courses which are not particularly educationally rigorous (ie: we don’t test you on your knowledge with exams or essays or case studies, but we observe you through your training). These courses also tend to be quite short, which actually negates the previous statement as continual assessment needs a reasonable time to be valid. Finally, these schools are also, generally, self accrediting or hold recognition from organisations outside of the UK only.

What I mean by self accrediting, is that they create another organisation which is owned by the school in question and they accredit their own courses. Obviously this means that there is no external oversight into what is being provided and therefore, the training quality cannot be independently assessed. Also, whilst it is perfectly reasonable for a school to hold international accreditations, if that is all they hold, to make a complaint from the UK to say a US or European organisation becomes more difficult.

If you are wanting to train as a hypnotherapist, it can be one of the most rewarding decisions you can make. Just make sure the school you choose can live up to your expectations.

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