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Are Your Meds Depressiong You

Are Your Meds Depressiong You

Depression is becoming a far more common issue for people and I certainly see far more depressed clients in 2018 than in 2008. Now there are many possible reasons for this. Certainly, enviormental factors play a part. Also there is a far higher awareness of depression by both patients and professionals which aid diagnosis.

What if there were chemical causative factors. Obviously we know that things like alcohol can enhance depression. But what about “the pill” or some painkillers. A recent study in the Journal of the AMA has begun to make links betwee regularly prescribed medication and depression.

This reinforces what I have taught my students for decades that it is essential to take a full medical history for all clients especially those suffering with depression. Whilst the medication they take may not cause depression but it may well be enhancing it. This information may well save many hours of therapy which of course is s benefit to the client but also to the professionalism of the therapist in question.

Therapists need to take a global and meta position with regards to clients and their issues. The understanding of how medicine may effect mental health is only one such way in doing so.

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