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Are You Willing to Sit With Discomfort

Are You Willing to Sit With Discomfort

There are many things that have an effect on good therapy. Obviously the most important thing is the relationship that is developed between the therapist and client. This is known as, rather obviously, the therapeutic relationship. This, though important, is only one factor of effective therapy. Another one which is extremely valuable, but hardly ever gets discussion is the client’s ability to be able to sit through their own discomfort with the process.

You might find that a difficult concept, but it is true. Therapy is not always the most comfortable position for a client to sit through. Having oneself laid bare by the process can be very uncomfortable and for some too much to bare. This leads to a premature ending to the therapy which inevitably means that the job is left undone.

The therapist must do all that is possible to engender the safe environment for a client to be able to truly experience therapy. Make no mistake therapy is an experience and it this experience which can help to make life changing decisions which lead to permanent psychological and behavioural change. When I am asked what is the difference between therapy and a chat, this ability to be uncomfortable and ride it through is one of the things I will say that is the difference. Welcome discomfort it can be a good indication of potential for change.

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