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Are You Happy

Are You Happy

There is a lot of talk on line and in articles about the importance of being happy. For many people, the idea of being happy is taken as a given. For others, the concept seems strange and somehow out of reach. I think one of the difficulties of happiness as a concept is that people see this as being a static thing. In reality, as we get older the things that bring us happiness changes considerably. If we continue to chase after the things that in our younger years made us happy, we may discover that we never achieve it because we have changed and what makes us happy has changed.

In actuality, one of the things that studies show that makes us happy is doing the right thing. That is to say that when we act in our own best interests we tend to be happier. This is an interesting thought as I often find with my clients is that they are in conflict with what they know to be right and what they actually do on a day to day basis. I will often suggest to clients to try a week of just doing what you know to be right and see how that affects them. Clients will often report that their general mood has improved considerably by just doing that one simple thing. Why not give it a try yourself?

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