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Are We Teaching Non Resilience

Are We Teaching Non Resilience

I see a lot of clients who have difficulty with resilience. For one reason is another, people seem to be finding it difficult to bounce back from difficulty and challenge. As a psychotherapist, I am fascinated by this and I believe I have an answer.

I noticed that there is a programme about to start on Chanel 4 which is looking at whether or not children are being taught helplessness. This teaching is down to parents doing too much for their kids and not letting them learn for themselves.

I wonder if this is the reason there is a lack of resilience, if people are not taught to fail and recover from that they find it difficult to bounce back in life. Failure is an essential part of life. Though none of us want to fail, it is necessary to grow. Without failure there can be no success. Failure is just the other side of the success coin. When we learn to cope and recover from failure we have the potential to recover and grow from any situation.

Remember, should you fail at something, see it as an opportunity to grow and develop rather than as the end of the world.

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