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Are We Doing Enough for Veterans With PTSD

Are We Doing Enough for Veterans With PTSD

As we are observing Remembrance Sunday today, it is worth looking at the living as well as the fallen. There is of course physical issues that many veterans, however, there is an issue which in many ways far more insidious, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was first identified in the First World War, though in those days it was called “Shell Shock”. Since then, this has been a constant issue for soldiers coming back from combat. The Ministry of Defense has over the years made commitment after commitment regarding the mental health of those who have served their country in combat. These commitments were not nearly as fully implemented as people would have expected. Indeed, soldiers have been let down regarding mental health provision, both whilst in the military as well as support outside of the military.

It is important that we never forget the sacrifice that so many made for our nation and the world. That being said, we must not forget that there are also those who survived but are in pain and distress. We should be putting the same effort into those who are living after conflicts as we put into remembering the dead. We owe them all so much, we must never forget.

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