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Are There Many Types of Hypnotherapy

Are There Many Types of Hypnotherapy

I have covered this before, but I came across an article today which discussed 7 different kinds of hypnotherapy. I am afraid that articles like this annoy me no end. Hypnotherapy is the application of hypnosis in a therapeutic setting. There are no “types” of hypnotherapy. There are different psychological and psychotherapeutic theories that one can incorporate with hypnosis to make it an effective intervention.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is NOT a form of hypnotherapy. It is a redundant phrase. Hypnotherapy is the clinical application of hypnosis so to say Clinical Hypnotherapy you are actually saying Clinical hypnosis done clinically. You see my point. Often people use the title clinical hypnotherapy or clinical hypnotherapist to make themselves sound far more qualified and competent than they really are. I only wish that the profession would get a handle on this, because not only is it bad grammar, but in reality it is also a stupid thing to be saying to potential clients. Stop trying to big yourself up and just be a hypnotherapist, it is an honourable title and does not require embellishment. Especially, if your training is more basic stick to your competency. You owe it to your clients.

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