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Are Dreams Important

Are Dreams Important

This is a common question when it comes to both psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Are dreams important? Well the answer is not quite so straight forward. Dreams are unconscious interpretations of events which are occurring in the conscious or waking world. These could be events that a person is finding difficult to process or figure out how to deal with.

The unconscious mind attempts to offer suggestions to the conscious mind in order to help rectify this. However, these are done from a metaphoric or abstract perspective. This makes it difficult for people to get the appropriate meaning. Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy can help to work through the potential meaning of these dreams.

It should be noted that dreams are not a precise science to there is room for error and as it is unconscious, it may not be related to the obvious aspects of the events. Hypnotic regression can be used to assist a client to remember his or her dreams in a more lucid way than attempting conscious recall. Once the dreams are recalled hypnotically, we can utilise psychotherapy to help work through the issues attached to the dreams in order to gain some form of resolution. So are dreams important? Yes, but within the context I have outlined above.

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