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Are Anti Depressants Over Prescribed

Are Anti Depressants Over Prescribed

With the growing discussion on mental health throughout the world, one cannot avoid reading about anti-depressants. Articles relating to anti-depressants tend to be pro or con. The majority of studies tend to lend themselves to the effectiveness of anti-depressants, however, this is not the only part of this story. Dr Michael Yapko has gone on record as talking about the importance of a combined approach to treating depression. Indeed, there is a need for talking therapies. He went on to say¬†“Any tool that provides people with focusing skills – hypnosis, meditation, visualisation, guided imagery, anything experiential – is going to have substantial value, because so much of what depression is about is perception”

The importance of hypnotherapists to be trained in hypnosis’ use in treating depression cannot be overstated. Just because hypnosis is effective, one must learn how to use it and when not to use it. Hypnosis as a therapeutic tool has been used for well over 100 years. Its popularity has come and gone and come again, it is still essential and relevant in the battle against depression. More studies need to be done and more doctors need to be convinced as to its efficacy.

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