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Anxious This Morning You Are Not Alone

Anxious This Morning You Are Not Alone

In my practice I deal quite a bit with people who are suffering with anxiety in all of its forms. One thing that seems to unite most sufferers with anxiety issues is that they feel at the worst first thing in the morning. It seems that after sleeping that moment when they wake and realise that the anxiety they have has not gone away in the night, not only causes them more anxiety but it begins to depress them. This depressive feeling feeds the anxiety which of course makes it worse.

I have recommended to clients for more than two decades to start their day with some form of self hypnosis or meditation to help set themselves up for the day. In the same way that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so to the morning is the most important time for self hypnosis or meditation. By utilising these states which promote being grounded, it is possible to fight back the feelings of anxiety to help a person to be able to start the day is a strong centred place. Doing this does not necessarily stop the anxiety, but it certainly can prove to the sufferer that they have far more control over the state than they might think they have.

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