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Anxious in Crowds You are Not Alone

Anxious in Crowds You are Not Alone

Durring the silly season people are out more going to events or shopping or simply just being out and about. For some this is the flavour of the season and people love it. For others, this creates a pathological fear which can make a person feel unsafe and extremely anxious.

Crowds can be a very scary place especially if you are unfamiliar with the area, but what is also quite true is that thanks to our heightened alert status due to terrorism, crowds can be a place where a person is in genuine danger.

However, the danger is far more often in the mind than in reality. One of the cruelest things that anxiety can cause is a limitation in a person’s life. We are all members of a free society which means we can come and go as we please. Anxiety can strip this most basic of human rights from us.

It is important to remember that the unconscious mind’s first duty is to keep you safe, therefore if you want to go to a place and you go, the mind has determined you are safe. If this is the case, then there is no reason to experience any undue anxiety or fear.

Trust yourself when you are out and about this holiday season, be safe and enjoy the festivities.

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