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Anxiety and Waiting Lists

Anxiety and Waiting Lists

Since its inception the National Health Service has provided a beacon of good health and accessibility to the public. The idea that treatment is free at the point of delivery is a concept that makes Britain, truly great. However, with this service comes some difficulties. There can be delays in services which in some cases,  people desperately need. These delays are touted up by the concept of waiting lists.

Now of course, no one wants to have to wait to receive necessary services. In the main, however, people are resilient and are able to cope with these waits. There are other, who, through no fault of their own, experience high levels of anxiety and depression whilst waiting for this necessary care. The wait is compounded for people waiting for mental health services. In Wales, in particular, the wait for mental health services has become a grave difficulty.

I see more and more people for this type of anxiety in my practice, whilst the clients are welcome, it is my earnest hope that waiting lists can be slashed especially in mental health services.

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