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Anti Professionalism

Anti Professionalism

I was online yesterday and came across a rant from an owner of a hypnotherapy school. This owner was bemoaning the professionalisation of hypnotherapy, knocking national standards and being rather insulting to those who are trying to make the profession a better place. Yet, in the next breath he basically says that only his school knows what they are doing and their graduates are the best trained, etc, etc, etc.

Having been involved with the professionalisation of hypnotherapy since the very early 1990’s I am disappointed that this view still exists. In the early days, it was neigh on impossible to get the schools together and agree on a common core curriculum. Egos got in the way and this made things difficult to say the least. Since then, however, the profession has come together. Professional bodies began to truly do their jobs, schools began to see the wisdom of a common core curriculum whilst still embracing the uniqueness of their training programmes. In 2017, the profession is shaping up nicely and there is real hope that the profession I entered in 1989 will be in a far better state when I decide to retire.

It is a shame that there are still some trainers living in the past harbouring old resentments and simply doing the profession and public alike a huge disservice. One can only hope that this will change in the not too distant future.

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