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Another Year Another Conference

Another Year Another Conference

Well it is June, and in my calendar since 2001 it has been time for conference. I, with my bestie Fiona Biddle, have organised 18 conferences in that time. Two years we ran two in one year. June has always been our showpiece event and we have seen many great professionals at these events and have made lifelong friendships with the people who help us organise these conferences.

This yes, Fiona and I, will be teaching the pre-conference masterclass. We are going back to our hypno-psychotherapeutic roots and we are doing a day on innovative inductions. I have found that many people who have trained in the clinical use of hypnosis are not confident in their ability to use trance. What we are doing today is going back into being creative hypnotists and using the tools which makes hypno-psychotherapy a popular psychotherapeutic modality.

Hypnosis is my first love and I have always used it as my primary vehicle for the delivery of psychotherapy. Hypnosis is a tremendously powerful and effective agent for change. Hypnosis is not magic, but the results in the right hands and with the right client can be magical. Hypnosis is also an enjoyable way to work with therapeutic change.

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