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Another Thing for Us to be Proud of

Another Thing for Us to be Proud of

Some time ago I wrote of the importance of Prince William taking on the importance of mental health. This was and is something that I believe we in the UK should be proud. In what is ultimately a historical event his brother Prince Harry has undertaken an HIV/AIDS test. This of course shows that taking sexual health seriously is for everyone which hopefully will inspire people to get checked out.

As both a psychotherapist and a human being, I cannot help but be very impressed by these young men and their grasp of the health issues of the day and that they are unflinching in their attempts to bring these issues to greater public attention.

It is unfortunate that sexual and mental health need people with high profiles like the Royal Family to take these causes up before there is any significant media coverage. We live in a world of celebrity, and at least, in my opinion, our Royal Family is taking the responsibility for celebrity in a manner which we can all be proud.

I have worked with clients who are suffering with the ravages of sexual disease, it is my hope that initiatives like that started by Prince Harry will catch on. It would be a great pleasure for me to see the damage of sexual disease eradicated in my life time.

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