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Another New Group More Opportunities

Another New Group More Opportunities

One of the truly great privileges of having been in this profession for more that 28 years is the fact that I am the Principal of the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, the oldest hypnotherapy & psychotherapy school in the UK, having opened it’s doors in 1977 and has continually trained practitioners since.

Today starts a new Stage 1 group, teaching stage 1 is one of my favourite activities. These students often have no previous therapeutic experience by are tremendously keen to learn about how to become effective therapists. To me this is the future of the whole psychotherapeutic profession including hypno-psychotherapy. For the profession to flourish we need new, young, enthusiastic practitioners.

I was having a conversation the other day with another practitioner from a different modality and she was telling me that many of their training schools are closing because of a lack of interest. I am ever so grateful that our modality continues to thrive. I believe this is the case because we offer brief, solution oriented approaches to people’s difficulties.

For psychotherapy to survive it must be in a constant state of reinvention and a renewal which helps the profession grow and develop. I wonder which of these new students will take the profession in directions I have not even thought of.

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