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Another Frustration

Another Frustration

Well, it has been some time since I have ranted about something in our profession which irks me. Regular readers will know that I often rail about things that I consider to bring the profession into disrepute, generally things relating to marketing. I have found another word which disturbs me and that word is “advanced”

It is not uncommon in the field of training that levels are given to qualifications, indeed the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy have 3 levels of qualifications: Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma. The Advanced Diploma has advanced academic standing and grants holders 50% APL on a Masters Degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy Practice at Bath Spa University.

However, just because a person holds an advanced diploma (which by the way there is no agreed definition of what one is) that does not make them advanced. I saw a colleague advertising as an Advanced Psychotherapist today. This term is not used in our profession, especially not for someone with very little experience in clinical practice.

Practitioners need to take a reality check and realise that doing a one year course in anything does not make them advanced. The only reasons for using such an over the top title is to appease the therapist’s ego (which should be worked on in individual, personal therapy) or to somehow hoodwink the public into thinking a practitioner is better than another because they call themselves “Advanced”. This reason I believe is unethical and something that trainers should be addressing in their practitioner training courses. So remember, advanced does not necessarily mean advanced. Do your homework before consulting a therapist and ensure that he or she has the expertise you need to help you resolve your issues.

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