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Another Enjoyable Teaching Weekend Ahead

Another Enjoyable Teaching Weekend Ahead

Tomorrow begins one of my favourite training weekends, it has come to be known as Brookhouse’s three S’s. These are smoking, slimming and stress management. In my near 30 years Clinical experience and 25 years teaching practice, I have come to the  conclusion that these three things are necessary to master in order to survive as a hypnosis professional.

Slimming and stress management will often have a Psychotherapeutic component to them, but smoking is as straight forward a treatment as a hypnotherapist can do. It is one of the few times where we are looking at a life or death situation.

Obviously, helping a person to stop smoking is a life changing situation, though it never ceases to amaze me how more experienced hypnotherapists look down their noses at doing the sessions. They find it simplistic and boring many times. Whilst the concept is simple, it is by no means simplistic.

Hypnotherapy has real evidence as to its effectiveness as a treatment for smoking and this is something that we should be making more of an issue about. Indeed, with things like e-cigarettes being getting a lot of publicity, without any idea of potential long term health issues, Hypnotherapy provides an all natural solution to smoking and certainly a cost effective one which should be more rather than less utilised.

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