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Another Celebrity Talks About Mental Health Struggles

Another Celebrity Talks About Mental Health Struggles

Another celebrity has taken the courageous step in discussing publicly her struggles with mental health. The pop phenomena Adele has spoken to Vanity Fair about her struggles with postpartum depression. This is a condition which afflicts many women after child birth, and sadly still has a stigma about being discussed in certain quarters as the mother’s in question feel a great deal of shame about their feelings.

Of course, this is a condition which is far more common that perhaps people think. Commonality, in mental health terms, breads conversation. By this I mean that the more it is talked about as being common and not “abnormal” the more people who suffer with this are able to get support. It is often that support, be that peer or otherwise, which is the first step in moving forward and getting over the mental hurdle placed before them.

When people like Adele speak about these things, their fame makes it possible to reach more people than any health warning could. I believe that it is an obligation to being a celebrity to use it to promote good where ever that can be done. Recent stars coming out about their own mental health struggles has been a huge benefit to those ordinary folk who suffer the trials of mental health issues every day. Adele is to be applauded for opening up this discussion.

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