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Another Celebrity Speaks Out On Mental Health

Another Celebrity Speaks Out On Mental Health

For you Downton fans, I am sure you will know the name of Jessica Brown Findlay. The actress who played Lady Sybil has come out and discussed her battle with an eating disorder and problems with body image. For those of you who read this blog regularly, you will know that I believe that it is very important for celebrities to use that celebrity to discuss issues which can effect the lives of “ordinary folk”

Body image and weight is a major issue being faced by millions of boys and girls, men and women. There does seem to be a pervasive pressure put on people to look a certain way and be a certain weight. Those who do not reach this ideal are often made to feel less than a person (or at least this is their conception).

Health is not something that should be used to make people feel less than who they are, but rather good health should be an aspiration that most if not all people should aspire to. It is a shame that in creative industries like movies and television there is still such pressure put on actors to look a certain way, sometimes in preference to their talents as an actor. Body image issues will not go away until we as a society begin to pay much less attention to it and rather pay attention to the person inside the body.

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