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Another Beginning for New Hypnotherapists

Another Beginning for New Hypnotherapists

Today is one of my favourite days, the reason is that today we start another Stage 1 Foundation in Hypno-Psychotherapy Course for the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. I say this is a favourite day because, one of the great privileges I enjoy in my career is being at the very beginning of many new hypnotherapists.

I have a great love of our work and the profession. I have spent the entirety of my adult life trying to make the profession a better place. I have done that in many ways, but the most effective way in doing so is training the practitioners of the future. It is at the beginning of a person’s career that sets the values and ethics of the practitioner. If a person is trained to be ethical from day one, they are far more likely to remain an ethical practitioner.

Ethics cover a wide variety of subjects in out profession. Ethics is the future of the profession, as with out it the profession will die by its own hand. I so look forward to seeing my new students and to learn from them as well. I believe a good teacher learns from every group they teach as none of us know all.

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