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Another 5 Years Another Review

Another 5 Years Another Review

Regular readers will know that I have a real bee in my bonnet regarding standards of education and training. So many organisations pay lip service to this very important issue. One of the things that gives me pride in my senior professional body, The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, is that it takes its role a professional body and regulator.

Accredited Training and Accrediting organisations in UKCP submit to a 5 yearly review. This review, which is happening today for the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, takes almost a year to prepare for. It involves documentation reviews including policies on matters like diversity, ethics, financial viability and how the College meets the standards of education and training of UKCP. However it doesn’t end there, there is a full day site visit where the three inspectors will observe a teaching session, meet students and graduates, talk to tutors and interview staff. It is no lightweight affair.

I mention all this because I still hope that hypnotherapy organisations will take notice of this type of regulation and will hopefully bring their games up. Yes it takes effort, but isn’t the protection of the public worth the extra checks to ensure training organisations are doing what they are meant to do.

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