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Anger is Good

Anger is Good

I was reading in an article on the BBC website that anger can make us happier. Now of course to many this may well seem counter intuitive, but the expression of emotion all emotion is actually a very good thing indeed. Where people are encouraged to express themselves honestly multiple studies have shown that these people are not only more physically healthy, but more mentally healthy as well.

Now obviously, the expression of these emotions needs to be in an appropriate manner. Think what the world would be like if every time we got angry with someone we punched them in the nose. This, of course, would be totally unacceptable.

Expression can be as simple as dialogue rather than action. When a person angers us, it is often better to say to that person “Hey, what you did there made me angry”. This allows for an appropriate response by the transgressor and the incident can be considered closed.

All too often, particularly in relationships, people hold on to things which ultimately is not good for them. Emotions are allowed to fester until they come out in a manner that can be unpleasant for all. So, express your emotions, tell people how you feel your mind and body will thank you.

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