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Anger a Difficult Thing to Deal With

Anger a Difficult Thing to Deal With

An issue which often gets elicitited this time of year but that is often ignored is that of anger. We naturally assume that this is the season of good will and therefore there is no reason for their to be anger. However, this season can elicit negative memories and feelings which can lead to anger. It should be noted that anger in and of itself is not negative. I have said many times to clients, Ghandi was an angry man, Martin Luther King was an angry man. These men however, turned their anger into positive action. Something that we often do not seem to be able to do.

The most important aspect of anger is that isn’t should not be ignored, anger is there for a reason and it often festers when we try to ignore it or push it to one side. To truly master anger, one must understand it and once understood it needs to be assessed and dealt with. This is not always an easy process and that reflection and honest introspection is needed to truly understand it. Therapy can be a very good way to start this process in order to help a person to overcome anger and not be crippled by it.

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