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An Unexpected Honour

An Unexpected Honour

I have been a practising hypnotherapist since 1989, but as I started seeing clients I realised that I needed more than my initial training to be a competent practitioner. I undertook many courses and qualifications in hypnotherapy, but realised that what I really needed was to train as a psychotherapist. In February 1996, I was granted registration with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. Then, as now, the UKCP is seen as the gold standard of psychotherapy in the UK.

Over the next 22 + years, I was an active member of UKCP having served on the Governing Board, the Board of Trustees, several other committees and was a three term Chair of the College of Hypno-Psychotherapists. I did all these things because I wanted to improve the profession and wanted to be a force for change and for good within the profession of psychotherapy.

I have today received a letter from UKCP saying that I have been awarded an “Honorary Fellowship” which in truth is an honour which I never thought I would receive. The title of “Honorary Fellow” represents a maximum of 2% of the total UKCP Membership and is given to members who amongst other things:

  1. have made a substantial contribution to the cause of Psychotherapy;
  2. have given outstanding service to the profession of Psychotherapy;
  3. have significantly benefited the profession by their great experience in other walks of life;
  4. have engaged in academic excellence through conventional research, professional journal publication or a tenured academic post in psychotherapy; or through the critical application of key areas of academic excellence in other ways (for example, through critical evaluation and formulation of philosophies and frameworks of training);
  5. have been involved in UKCP committee work for at least four years and has been on the UKCP Register for at least seven years;
  6. have demonstrably contributed to the education and training of psychotherapists;
  7. have demonstrated clinical excellence through commitment to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and the maintenance of high standards of practice;
  8. have demonstrated UKCP’s values and commitments to Diversity, Equalities and Social Responsibility;
  9. Is in good standing.

I am truly touched by this honour and will continue to contribute to the discussion and promotion of psychotherapy in general and Hypno-psychotherapy specifically. There really is very little else I can say, other than thank you for the last 22+ years let’s see how the next 22 go.

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