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An Excellent Video From Like Minds

An Excellent Video From Like Minds

If you have ever sought out therapy, you will see a plethora of options, websites and organisations which provide either therapeutic services or accreditation for therapists. I can totally understand that this can be a minefield for many people, especially for the millennial generation. Though this age group has grown up with therapy far more normalised than their parent’s generation, there is so much choice and often without the benefit of having experienced therapy or knowing anyone who has, the choice can really be a difficult one.

I came across a video from Like Minds on the BBC website which, in my opinion, is an excellent resource for anyone of any age looking for therapeutic services. The language was conversational and relatively jargon free. No one particular modality of therapy was touted over any other, but rather it was left for the potential client to do their research and learn what would be best for that particular individual.

I have been saying for years that there is a necessity for mental health to be normalised and discussed free from the fear of stigma and judgement. Videos like this are invaluable in this because it shows real people talking about their own therapeutic experiences. If you are interested you can watch the video HERE

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