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An Excellent Hypnosis Article

An Excellent Hypnosis Article

I have often criticised journalists for doing a sloppy job when it came to hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Clique articles with ridiculous graphics tend to be the way hypnosis is still portrayed in some corners of the press. Saying that, there has been a recent Time Magazine article on hypnosis which is well thought, researched and really rather good.

The article shows the evidence base behind hypnosis as well as quoting some of the top hypnosis academics like Irving Kirsch. Excellent examples are given as o how hypnosis acts an an effective adjunct to psychotherapy and even some medical conditions.

Recognition of the efficacy of hypnosis is nothing new. Hypnosis has been recognised by the British Medical Association since 1954 and has its own division in the Royal Society for Medicine. It is a responsibility that those who practise hypnotherapy keep up to date with the current trends in research. Additionally it is essential that the services they offer coincide with the proven efficacy of hypnosis. Rather than bugging things up and making the whole thing look questionable at best and quackery at worst. I have always been a fan of Time and I am delighted that they have published this excellent piece on hypnosis.

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