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Is Always Being On Causing Us Harm

Is Always Being On Causing Us Harm

I would like to start my blog today with an apology for there not being an entry yesterday. Yesterday was a travelling day and I try to take travelling days easy. This leads nicely into my topic for today, I was reading an article which discussed how being constantly “on” was driving us crazy.

It is certainly true that technology allows us to stay better informed than at any other time in history. However, I do see clients very often with severe anxiety, which the constant barrage of texts, emails, tweets, etc are certainly a contributing factor in their anxiety.

The anxiety is not caused by the technology per se, but rather our belief that we have to be able to answer these things with immediacy. We get a ping or a reminder and we feel the need to reply to it any time day or night.

This simply is not healthy. We need to have some time for ourselves which does not involve being on. Indeed, I often find one of the advantages of travel is that one cannot be disturbed on the flight with texts or emails. We as a society need to be more disciplined about our on line life and remember that there is a realtime life that we should not ignore and actually embrace.

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