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Altophobia- Fear of heights

Altophobia- Fear of heights

Altophobia is the fear of heights. This phobic neurosis is totally different from aerophobia that is that the worry of flying, and from all alternative specific phobias since this worry is a lot of generalized. associate altophobic person, betting on the severity of the worry, might worry being on a high floor, ascent a ladder, or any activity that involves heights or being at height.

This phobic neurosis is usually mistaken for lightheadedness, however this is often terribly totally different from the latter. If you’re tormented by altophobia, then you will never experience any symptoms of lightheadedness. after you have worry of heights, you may feel a way of panic after you area unit at height. Instinctively, you’ll begin sorting out one thing you’ll cling on as you’re unable to trust your own sense of balance. alternative common reactions embody dropping right away, kneeling, lowering the body or locomotion on high-low-jack.

The response to altophobia, each showing emotion and physically, is that the same to the other phobias. you may begin to sweat, shake, expertise fast heartbeat, yell or verbalise loud. you may feel unfit and panicked further and it would be troublesome for you to assume clearly. Having this sort of phobic neurosis, you’ll presently dread things that you just need to pay time at height.

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