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All Hypnotherapy IS Hypnotherapy

All Hypnotherapy IS Hypnotherapy

I very often take a little time every week to look at other practitioner’s websites, primarily because my students will ask about the various things said by practitioners in their own area. Now, I do not want this piece to sound like I am criticising anyone in particular, but the claims that X type hypnotherapy is the best or Y type hypnotherapy is the most advanced are frankly nonsense.

I understand the importance of branding when it comes to business and I do also understand that the use of buzz words and phrases can have a positive effect for both a practitioner’s and trainer’s bottom line. However, the reality is that all hypnotherapy is hypnotherapy what ever term or title you place before it. The reality also is that most forms of hypnotherapy tend to have the same efficacy. Though, in certain cases, one approach lends itself more to a specific condition that another. For example, you would not use regression type hypnotherapy for trauma and behavioural approaches tend to work well with anxiety clients.

The nub of the matter is that hypnotherapy, the approach, is very similar in pretty much all types of hypnotic applications. So be wary about people who claim their approach to be superior to other approaches. There is little to no clinical, research evidence that backs up such claims.

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