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Addiction Work and Hypnotherapy

Addiction Work and Hypnotherapy

I am noticing more and more hypnotherapists are advertising and writing about how they are experts in dealing with addiction. Yet as I read further I discovered that they only have their initial hypnotherapy diploma without any additional training in working with addictions. This is truly one of my bug bear issues. I know that people can say they work with pretty much anything they want. However, it is not good practice in any way to work with issues that you have not been trained or qualified in.

I know there will be colleagues who will be rolling their eyes and saying “here he goes again” And yes, here I go again. If hypnotherapists want to be treated and seen as professionals they need to stop doing this. You would not think to go to a surgeon who was not qualified to provide surgical services, but is really, really interested in it. The time is for hypnotherapists to own up to being professional and to act like professionals. Yes, it will mean limiting your work. But you should not be offering addiction services or any other service that you have not been properly trained to work with. Remember, we as a profession is only as strong as our weakest link. Let’s shore up our links.

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